Check out our top tips for your texting account – these cover all of the basics and you can also utilize all of the support articles to enhance your knowledge!

  1. Choose a short, easy to remember keyword that makes the audience recognize your organization.

  2. Collect your own contacts through opt-ins, never rent or purchase lists.

  3. Promote your keyword in all campaigns, on your website and on any outreach materials.

  4. Avoid sending messages more often than the number you provide in your opt-in message.

  5. Be sure to follow CTIA rules and regulations by displaying the proper disclosure on opt-ins: 
    1. Your organization's name
    2. Describe what type of content you will send
    3. How to opt-out
    4. Frequency of messaging

  6. Specify end dates on campaigns to encourage immediate action.

  7. Include a call-to-action to elicit a response from your contacts. For example: Click here to take our survey.

  8. Use segmentation within groups to make sure content is relevant to the specified audience.

  9. Send yourself a test message to make sure spelling is correct, you should also test links (if you are using a link).

  10. Send messages at appropriate times based on your user location.