Surveys are an efficient and cost-effective way to engage your audiences. People can easily opt-in to a survey using one of your keywords. Customize a welcome message that contacts will receive with a tracked link to a web survey. Survey results can be viewed on the survey overview page and downloaded at any time. 

To create a survey:

  • Click on Your Surveys + Polls

  • Click Create

  • Name your survey and add a description

  • Link a keyword (if you do not have a keyword you want to associate with this survey, create one by clicking “New Keyword” on the left side user panel)

  • Add a starting message that introduces the survey and a completion message so contacts know they have successfully completed the survey

  • Select the start and end date of your survey (if you want contacts to be able to complete the survey more than once, check the box “Users can fill out the survey multiple times)

  • You can add text before the submit survey, you can also customize your “submit” button

  • Click Create Survey

  • You can create the following types of questions in the survey:

    • Short Answer - best for open ended questions, respondents type their responses

    • Yes/No - respondents choose yes or no

    • Number Answer 

    • Drop Down - respondents choose from a limited selection of answers

    • Date Answer

    • Rating - respondents choose from a rating scale

    • Address Answer

  • You can also Import Existing Questions (from previous surveys)

  • You can upload your options from a CSV file

  • You can change the order of questions using the drag and drop on right side of the screen

  • Click Preview Mobile Survey or Preview Desktop Survey at top right 

  • When someone texts the keyword associated with the survey to 94502, they receive a link to complete the survey


Survey results can be viewed on the Overview page and can be exported directly to CSV